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Create and post a "Honey Do" list for your Honey. (… under development)

July 29, 2011
by Hon
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Hi! Don’t nag – post a list!

Please register so you can create your personal “Honey Do” list – it’s FREE.  Update as often as you want – send the internet link to your Honey as often as you like.  It’s FREE and we reserve the right to delete, modify, edit, at our discretion (edits will be noted by highlight, so there will be no question about authorship and you can disavow any knowledge of the changes).

You may use your real name or a “handle“.  We do require a valid email address so we can communicate with your about your posting and to preclude spam – we will not disclose your email address to a third party (except by a properly executed court order from a valid jursidiction) … if you like, create an intermediary email address to have an “arm’s length” relationship with us.

Warmest Regards,
Sweet Cheeks